Activity Successful first edition of BSVoM symposium


On September 23, 2022, the Belgian Society for Viruses of Microbes (BSVoM) held its inaugural symposium at the Thermotechnical Institute in Leuven, Belgium. With 155 participants from 12 different countries - accounting for 13 talks, 8 poster pitches and 41 posters - we can look back on a successful first edition.

The feedback we received about the symposium was heartwarming and we thank everyone who was involved in making the event a success. Special gratitude to our generous sponsors and special partners Vésale Bioscience, Analis-Dulis, BioNTech, Flen Health, Jafral, OneLife, BSM, ASM, FNRS and PhageBiotics (FWO), and international keynote speakers Edze Westra (University of Exeter, UK), Martha Clokie (University of Leicester, UK), Zuzanna Drulis-Kawa (University of Wroclaw, Poland) and Willem-Jan Metsemakers (University Hospitals Leuven, Belgium).

We are also very thankful to the other participants for their contributions and would like to congratulate this year's award winners for

  • Best pitch talk: Sam van Beljouw - "Craspase is a self-regulating protease that is sequence-specifically activated by viral RNA";
  • Best posters:
    • Dimitri Boeckaerts - "Lessons learned from predicting the structures of over 100 Klebsiella phage receptor-binding proteins";
    • Laura Wicke - "Hunting for phage-encoded small non-coding RNA transcripts";
    • Rémy Dugauquier - "ADAM: Automatic Detection of new Antiviral Mechanisms".

Let this be start of many more BSVoM activities to come! Your massive interest in our newborn society further strengthens our enthusiasm to leverage the Belgian network of VoM researchers!

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