BSVoM - Belgian Society for Viruses of Microbes

We are happy to invite you to the third edition of the BSVoM symposium on September 13, 2024 in Brussels (Belgium).

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About BSVoM and its main sponsor Vésale Bioscience

Belgium has a unique and strong position in the field of microbial viruses starting with the first viral genome sequenced in the seventies till the most advanced regulatory framework for phage therapy treating patients suffering severe bacterial infections in Belgian hospitals. BSVoM capitalizes on this position and aims to leverage the dense Belgian network on viruses of microbes.

BSVoM actively integrates the triple helix model, bringing together all stakeholders from academia, government and industry and adopts an interdisciplinary perspective on virus of microbes, ranging from basic research to industrial developments and clinical use. BSVoM pursues the intensification of this fertile Belgian ecosystem on viruses of microbes, with a particular focus on supporting young and future generations in the field.

BSVoM is proud to be supported by Vésale Bioscience as its society sponsor:

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