News JOB OFFER - Vesale Bioscience is hiring


Vesale Bioscience is looking for a Production manager and a Laboratory technician.

Interested? Consult here all details about the open positions:

About Vesale Bioscience

Vesale Bioscience, a Vesale Pharma spin-off, is dedicated to organizing the development, production and distribution of bacteriophages. This modern phage therapy treats antiobiotic multiresistant bacterial infections in a hospital environment. Vesale Bioscience has developed "Inteliphage", a phagogram using artificial intelligence. This equipment allows a diagnosis in three hours instead of the usual three days. In 2021, Vesale Bioscience received the BioFIT award for the most innovative life sciences start-up in Europe. Recently, Vesale Bioscience signed a agreement with The Belgian Defense (Queen Astrid Military Hospital) with the aim of starting a Research and Development collaboration in phage therapy. Find more information on